Customer Service

Our dedicated Customer Service Team are always on hand to help solve your freight enquiries. Unlike any of our competitors, our team operate IN OUR DEPOT – and every driver in our fleet is in constant two-way radio contact – meaning we can re-direct freight, arrange urgent pickups and solve any problems that arise quickly and efficiently.

Our customer service team have complete access and visibility to all freight movements through our network. No one plans for any delivery to go wrong, but when the inevitable happens our point of difference is our Customer Service. Due to our IN DEPOT team, we are all about a speedy recovery for your customers.

Other Services

Taxi Truck Pallet Services

With our fleet of pallet trucks ranging from 4 to 10 tonne capacity, we can offer this service to round off all of your needs.

Pick 'n' Pack Warehousing

In our separate 3500m2 3P facility we provide secure, on-time Pick ‘n’ Pack Warehousing services – accuracy, competitive pricing, on-time with NO EXCUSES!

Country Services

As an added bonus and due to our huge buying power, we can offer competitive carton and bulk rates into any destination in Australia

Competitive pricing

Because we cater for the larger commercial freight sender, we have structured our operations accordingly and offer one of the most competitive pricing structures available in the market. A premium courier service with transparent carton rates.

Monthly Invoicing

To improve cash flow, our monthly invoicing with 14 day terms will assist any business previously using a pre-paid sticker system.


Web Based IT & Warehouse Management Integration System

FEC eSmart is our industry leading web based IT platform ensuring complete transparency across the supply chain and the ability to track invoice number as well as consignment note details. We are constantly developing and improving our systems and we appreciate any feedback or suggestions from our customers.


FEC eSmart

Web Based IT & Warehouse Management Integration System

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